Product Care

Please follow the below guidelines to care for your BEN pieces. If you ever have any questions please contact us at


•Pieces should not come into contact with perfume, creams, or any other cosmetic product as it could damage the color of materials such as enamel and fine stones- please ensure any product has dried before putting on your jewelry.

•We love the water, but your jewelry should stay ashore. For best protection it’s advised that you remove your pieces before showering, jumping into the ocean, or diving into a swimming pool. The chlorine found in many swimming pools can be especially damaging to gold, causing it to pit or become brittle.

•Like yourself, these pieces should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Unfortunately we don’t have an SPF for 14k gold just yet.

•We advise also removing your pieces before exercise so they are not exposed to excessive sweat or cosmetic products you may have on. Don’t worry they’ll be cheering you on from the sideline instead.


Luckily, 14k gold is meant to last and you never have to worry about tarnishing. Low maintenance, just the way we like it. You can however opt to shine your piece by gently cleaning with a soft, dry cloth.


Keep your pieces in their original pouch to avoid contact with other pieces of jewelry or objects to prevent unwanted scratching or marks.