Size Guide

We want you to have the perfect fit for your comfort and your life.


STEP 001: Use a seamstress tape measure, ribbon, or string and wrap it around your neck until it’s snug, but still comfortable.

STEP 002: When the tape, ribbon or string feels right, mark the point where one end of the tape measure or ribbon touches the other.

STEP 003: If you used a tape measure, simply lay it down and take note of the measurement. If you use a ribbon or string, lay it next to a ruler and note the length.

STEP 004: After a measurement is obtained, opt for a necklace size that is at least 2 inches up from your neck size.

On Amanda:

(neck circumference approximately 13 inches)

LAYER 001: The Curiouser Vault on our 16 inch Pave Seafarer cord*

LAYER 002: The Ace Vault on our 18.5 inch paperclip chain*

*length is for chains/cords only, does not include vaults

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