ACE 005


BEN: Name/Age?

BH: Batsheva Hay, 42

BEN: What do you do with your days/profession?

BH: I am a designer who makes only clothes I want to wear for my brand BATSHEVA.

BEN: Food you can’t live without?

BH: Cheese platters, brussel sprouts 

BEN: What do you feel most proud of accomplishing or doing in your life so far and how does it make you feel?

BH: I’m exceedingly proud of my kids. I want to hug them so much more than they will let me.

BEN: What’s your favorite color?

BH: Purple

BEN: If you could tell your thirteen year old self something from her future what do you think would surprise her most?

BH: That you can have a lot of fun being different and that people get nicer later in life, or at least you don’t have to hang out with the mean ones anymore.

BEN: What’s your favorite movie from growing up ?

BH: Labyrinth

BEN: What has been a challenge that you’ve faced in your life, how have you lived with it, and what has it taught you for the future?

BH: I hated my former job as a lawyer and felt guilty because it paid well and I thought it would be my dream. I left it and found this entire new adventure designing clothes and running my brand, and it has been the most fun I could imagine.

BEN: All time favorite song?

BH: Visions of Johanna, Bob Dylan

BEN: What is an important and unexpected change you’ve made in your life?

BH: Quitting my lawyer gig and starting my brand! Also getting married, having kids. Also, just deciding to enjoy life more.

BEN: Which vault are you and why?

BH: The Ace Vault because I love a horseshoe symbol for good luck; we all need it. I love all its little compartments and unexpected color. It feels like a playful mashup, which is very me.