ACE 001


BEN: Name?
JW: Julee Wilson

BEN: Age?
JW: 41

BEN: What do you do with your days/profession?
JW: I'm the Executive Director of BeautyUnited and the Beauty Editor-at-large at Cosmopolitan Magazine

BEN: Food you can’t live without?
JW: Lobster

BEN: What do you feel most proud of accomplishing or doing in your life so far and how does it make you feel?
JW: Celebrating the dopeness of Black women through my work as a storyteller. It makes me feel like I have a true and clear professional purpose.

BEN: What’s your favorite color?
JW: Black Blackity Black

BEN: If you could tell your thirteen year old self something from her future what do you think would surprise her most?
JW: She'd be floored that I've met Oprah and that she sent me English muffins (that will remain in my freezer...forever)!

BEN: What’s your favorite movie from growing up ? (impossible we know)
JW: The Goonies

BEN: What has been a challenge that you’ve faced in your life, how have you lived with it, and what has it taught you for the future?
JW: Imposter syndrome. Definitely something I battle often, but quickly remind myself of my dopeness every time the feeling creeps in.

BEN: All time favorite song? (also impossible, so sorry)
JW: “Knuck If You Buck” Crime Mob

BEN: What is an important and unexpected pivot you’ve made in your life?
JW: Working in non-profit

BEN: Which vault are you and why?
JW: The Ace Vault. The second I read "Fun as hell" and "authenticity" I was sold! Plus who doesn't want to be considered an ace? Manifesting that level of greatness as I wear this piece every single day.