ACE 004


BEN: Name?

LC: Lauren Chan

BEN: What do you do with your days/profession?

LC: Model, entrepreneur

BEN: Food you can’t live without?

LC: Mediterranean and Middle Eastern—probably thanks to my mom’s Armenian palette. 

BEN: What do you feel most proud of accomplishing or doing in your life so far and how does it make you feel?

LC: Oh gosh. I think I feel most proud of starting over. Last year, I sold my company, came out, and got divorced. It was frightening and difficult—to say the least—but I’m happier than ever and so glad I had the guts to get through it all. I’d do it again…and now I know I could. 

BEN: What’s your favorite color?

LC: Today, gold. Ha!

BEN: If you could tell your thirteen year old self something from her future what do you think would surprise her most?

LC: Hmmm…Probably that we’ve made a career out of representing folks who resonate with our differences. Turns out, leaning into what makes us unique is actually our super power! If it won’t cause some sort of butterfly effect, I say we stop trying to be exactly like everyone else a little bit sooner.

BEN: What’s your favorite movie from growing up ? (impossible we know)

LC: This is too hard to choose, but I looooove a 90’s rom-com.

BEN: All time favorite song? (also impossible, so sorry)

LC: Again, too hard! But I really love “It's Gonna Be Okay, Baby” by MUNA right now.

BEN: What is an important and unexpected change you’ve made in your life?

LC: Not unexpected, but starting my business was an important pivot because it symbolized taking the reins in my own life. (Lauren founded and launched Henning in 2019- an ethical luxury plus size workwear brand recently aquired by Universal Standard)

BEN: Which vault are you and why?

LC: I love The Ones Vault—a nod to my new love. :)